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Satechi Aluminium USB-C Multiport Pro Adapter

  • S$99.00
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Watch the video by Satechi

USB-C Mulitport Pro Adapter




Video introduces zoom in front view of USB-C Mulitport Pro Adapter.


Scene zooms out of adapter to show HDMI port.


Slow turn of adapter to show right side ports.


Right side view shows introduction of Micro SD and SD cards into reader slots.


Text reads ‘Dual Card Reader Slots’.


View of USB being introduced to USB 3.0 port.


Text reads ‘USB 3.0 Data Port’.


View of USB-C cable is seen being introduced to USB-C port.


Text reads ‘Powerful USB-C PD Charging’.


Fade out of zoomed in adapter to show top view of adapter being plugged into a laptop computer.


Fade into HDMI cable being plugged into HDMI port side of adapter.


Text reads ‘Stunning 4K HDMI Video’.


Zoom out of product to show connected HDMI cable to monitor and full view of monitor and laptop connected to Multiport Pro Adapter is seen.


Text reads ‘More ports. More Possibilities’.


Slow front angle lifestyle view of screens and adapter connections is seen.


Bottom text reads ‘USB-C Multiport Pro’.


Fade out to white screen with Satechi logo.