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Anker PowerCore+ 10000 Pro Portable Charger

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  • Colour - Silver
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Watch the video by Anker

PowerCore+ 10000 Pro Introduction

PowerCore+ 10000 Pro

A woman sits drawing at an outdoor cafe. She has her headphones in, her phone on the table, and a portable charger also on the table.

Close-up of the portable charger; we see that it’s bearing the Anker logo.

Cut to the phone (an iPhone) showing the “Low Battery” notification.

The woman picks up the phone and looks at it, smirking in a disappointed manner.

The woman’s hands unfold a cable from the top of the portable charger and we see that a Lightning connector is attached. Superimposed copy reads “Built-In Lightning Cable.”

The woman connects the cable to her phone and we hear a “charging” confirmation chime. Copy reads “46+ Hours of Battery Life.”

Close up on the side of the portable charger. The woman plugs in a Lightning cable (from her headphones) into the charger. Copy reads “Lightning Input Port.”

Close up on the woman’s face, she activates her headphones and the music brightens and gets louder; she smiles.

Top-down view of the table with the portable charger connected to the iPhone and to the headphone cable. Copy reads “Enjoy Audio While Charging.”

We see the woman from the front again, we see that she’s drawing clothes on a figure and there are color swatches on the table. She bobs her head to the music she is listening to.

A quick close-up of the drawing.

A shot of the iPhone, showing that it is displaying both the iPhone’s battery and the battery power of the portable charger, which is named PowerCore+ 10000 Pro.

Another cut to the drawing, up to the woman’s face as she looks satisfied, and back down to the table.

Zoom in close to the woman’s coffee, and the coffee forms a swipe cut to a new scene of a nightstand with the portable charger and iPhone on top of it.

The portable charger is connected to the iPhone and also to another cable which trails off below the nightstand. Copy reads “Recharge via Lightning Input.”

Two different colors of this portable charger fly onto the screen, and copy reads “PowerCore+ 10000 Pro” in addition to icons indicating 10,000mAh battery capacity, use of headphones while charging, and a Lightning input port.

Brand card reads: “Anker: America’s Leading Charging Brand.”

  • Overview

    Anker's PowerCore+ 10000 Pro is an ideal mobile charging companion for your iPhone, providing many hours of additional battery life. Its input port gives you direct access to music or data from your iPhone while charging. You can also check PowerCore’s battery life on your iPhone lock screen while on the go. It even allows specialised pass-through charging for your iPhone at the same time PowerCore is recharging itself from the power point.


    More than 46 hours of battery life

    Built-in Lightning cable and Lightning input

    Listen to music through the Lightning port while charging

    Free PowerCore+ app ensures you get future firmware updates for ongoing optimal performance

    Simultaneously recharge PowerCore battery and your iPhone

    Check PowerCore battery level on iPhone lock screen

    Sync data while charging

    What’s in the Box

    Anker PowerCore+ 10000 Pro Portable Charger

    User manual

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: Charging

    Cable length: 6.2 cm/2.44 in.

    Connections: Lightning

    Power Source: Battery

    Batteries: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    Height: 1.5 cm/0.59 in.

    Length: 15.5 cm/6.1 in.

    Width: 7.18 cm/2.83 in.

    Weight: 262 g/9.24 oz.

    Manufacturer Information

    Part number

    UPC or EAN No.: 848061013504


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