Does Apple TV 4th have the same built-in Apps as Apple TV 3rd (in addition to having an App Store icon enabling you to D/L other apps)

This question relates to Apple TV 4th sold in AUSTRALIA. Apple TV 3rd has built-in apps for YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Red Bull, iTunes Movies and TV, Netflix, Stan and many others (The others being mainly American sports apps such as NFL, NHL, CBS Sports etc). WHERE, on the Internet, can I find what built-in apps come with Apple TV 4th. OR has it all changed so the there is just one app, namely an app for the App Store and you simply download those apps you want. Local retail shops are totally unhelpful/unknowledgeable in answering this question. The various websites I've visited are conflicting and confusing and accordingly also unhelpful in answering this question. My question, in essence:- when I open an Apple TV 4th and switch it on what Apps/Icons do I see on the screen, in Australia?

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  • Apple TV (4th generation and later) have a few bundled Apple apps pre-installed. There rest (including all third party apps) should be selected from the built-in App Store, much like on iPhones and iPads. A newly set-up device will have very few icons on the Home Screen. The country doesn’t matter much for the default apps, as long as these apps are for services that are offered in that country. To answer your direct question: With tvOS 13, you would get on a freshly activated Apple TV: TV app, Music app, Apple Arcade (gaming by subscription), Movies app, TV Shows app, Photos app, App Store, Podcasts app, Search, Computers app (Home Sharing), and Settings. Users can also organize apps in folders on the Home Screen now, to help keep things visually compact.

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