i want to mount a 27" imac into my big rig. be able to use as computer, dvd player with a in motion sat system for dish1 tv. will this work.

Has this been done, what will I need(power converter) to make this happen?.

Please help. thx

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    I have not run one in a big rig, but I do use a big iMac as my primary TV and it works well. A standard 120 volt inverter will power the unit - if you wish to hook it up directly to your rig's DC power it will take some work so I'd just buy an inverter and be done. I believe people do make wall mounts for iMacs; you can remove the little stand it sits on and bolt it right to the wall, if you know someone who's handy with that kind of thing. And finally, unless your sat system is built to direct-connect to a computer, it'll most likely require a TV tuner card such as EyeTV, which is a $100+ add-on... (Bonus: EyeTV cards come with DVR software, so you can pause and rewind live TV and record shows and such, no monthly fee. The EyeTV software is clunky and a little hard to use, but it works.)

    Of course, there's always more than one way to do it. Another way of doing this: get any flat screen TV with the correct inputs, plug the sat into one input and a Mac Mini into another input. It'll be cheaper, and you'll get less geek cred but it's a more straightforward way to do basically the same job.

    Sounds like a fun project, either way. Enjoy!

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