If wifi is slow, and I use this instead will this make my connection faster? I often plug in my other notebook on slow connections.

I live in CHina where internet is often slow and unstable and wifi when it works is slower. If I plug in my other notebook to my router it speeds up the process. Will this help speed it up or is the airport a faster connection?

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

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    Generally a hardline connection is faster than WiFi. I have tested both connections, and using the adapter has always been faster.

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  • It depends how bad the wifi service is, whether using this adapter will be faster. 802.11n wifi is up to 300mbps. 802.11g is 54mbps. This USB/Ethernet adapter can only go 100mbps.

    Remember that internet access is usually less than 10mbps, so it won't make a difference whether you use the adapter or wifi because both are faster than the internet access. Moving data around on a LAN is where choosing the right network interface (wifi or wired) will make a difference.

    If you have a new computer and the access point serving the wifi is new, and the service to it is good, wifi might be about as fast as a connection through the adapter. This is the case in my house, where wifi is 80mbps, so I never bother to use the adapter, which also gets me about 80-90mbps. Using this adapter should keep you up close to 90mbps instead of between 30-60mbps with crummy wifi service.

    If the place where you plan to use an adapter has gigabit wired ethernet, then I wouldn't buy this adapter at all, because it is limited to 100mbps (instead of 480mbps, which is the limit of USB2). Instead, I would buy a non-apple brand adapter that would allow you to use 480mbps of the wired network's 1000mbps capacity. The only downside would be you may have to install some drivers for such an adapter. This one is plug and play. If I was buying all over again, I would get a faster adapter. It would be nice to have file moves happen 4 times faster than what I get out of this adapter on a GigE wired network.

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