Can you watch movies from the netflix app and stream them to your tv?

Apple Composite AV Cable

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    YES you can connect the AV COMPONENT CABLES to any ipad, iphone or ipod touch & then to your tv. but as far as i know once you hook up the cables you will only be able to see the video on one device at a time... i hope this answers your questions.

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  • You are *supposed* to be able to, but that has not been my experience.

    I have not been able to watch movies on my TV from the Netflix app using this cable and my iPod Touch (gen 2) or iPhone 3GS - I get audio but no picture. But I can watch videos I downloaded from the iTunes store and Youtube without issue.

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  • Mmmmm....not so much. You can connect the cable to all devices listed by Apple on the AV Composite page at the Apple store, but only 4th Generation IPod Touches, potentially certain IPhones, and the IPad can stream video from the web. All listed devices can play video and tv programs that ON your device. But, no Netflix (or other streaming web content, YouTube, etc.) for those below a 4th generation!

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  • I purchased a lighting digital av adapter for my iPad, what other cable do I need to attach it to my Sony Bravia TV?

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  • I have been trying with various HDMI leads to get netflix streaming to my hdtv, but have failed. I have managed to get it streaming from my iPod gen 4 however, so can only conclude my iPad 2 will not allow streaming films via the netflix app.

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  • Yesh

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  • i have a ipod4 and i have this cord it does not work what so ever, i looked up every video, every website, it will not work for a ipod4 i have not seen anyproof that it will.

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  • I can use Netflix just fine but can´t use the Vimeo or the Ted Talks app.... on the iPod touch 4

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