I'm considering purchasing a NAS device, can I turn my NAS drive into a "Thunderbolt" external hard drive with this adapter?

I understand the speed limitations of ethernet versus Thunderbolt (1GBs vs 10GBs) but my understanding is that the speed that information is acquired/written is based on the speed of the disk itself (i.e. 7200 rpm) or protocol of the drive SATA I/II/II (1.5GBs/3GBs/6GBs).

If I could hook up the NAS drive to Thunderbolt, the performance would be better than my Firewire 800, although marginally, but the price of creating a RAID drive would be fairly inexpensive as diskless NAS is significantly more cost effective than FW800 or Thunderbolt ... (and Thunderbolt only really makes sense with SSD). My real limitation is that I only have USB 2.0 ... or Firewire 800.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?



Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

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  • No, the Thunderbolt to Enet Adapter only adds 1000BaseT ethernet to a Thunderbolt equipped computer.
    (it doesn't add a thunderbolt interface to an Ethernet device, your NAS.)

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