Is this incompatible with MagSafe Airline Adapter?

The compatibility list does not list MagSafe Airline Adapter. Is it obsolete now?

MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter

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    The Airline Adapter will NOT (I repeat, NOT) work with the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. This may be why Apple discontinued the adapter, but Apple has not given a reason for discontinuing it.

    To get technical, the Airline adapter transmitted an output of 16V. The 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro wants a 20V input.

    You may ask why older MacBook AC adapters work, and why Apple offered a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter. The reason is that the MagSafe AC adapters can modulate from 16V to 18.5V output. When a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro is connected, the older AC adapters crank up to the max at 18.5V, which is close enough that in most cases... sufficient power is supplied.

    I have not tested with the 13-inch Retina or the MacBook Air, but those appear to run at lower voltages (14.5V on the MacBook Air, for example). The Airline Adapter may work on those systems.

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  • Tested with combination of Airline Power Adapter and MacBook Air (2012) and working fine (on American Airlines seat power).

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  • Unless someone has actually tried it and has it working, I have plugged this MagSafe 2 converter into my Apple Airline Adapter and plugged it in (even to the lighter in my car) and while the green light comes on and it looks like its giving power to the laptop, the laptop (in my case, a MBP 15 Retina) does not get power. My older MBP 13 got power (didn't charge the battery) but at least it got power. But the MBP 15 is not getting enough power from a car lighter or an airplane to even power the laptop, the laptop continues to run on battery. I'm now in search for a 3rd party solution.

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  • The AirLiner uses the same MagSafe plug as the other chargers so it would be compatible using this adapter. However, bear in mind that no matter the model of computer you use the AirLiner will only give your computer power, it is not designed to charge your battery.

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  • Any MagSafe 1 cable can be adapted to MagSafe 2 with this. So yes, that will work.

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  • The MagSafe Airline Adapter uses the same version of the MagSafe as the original MagSafe. This adapter will work with the MagSafe Airline Adapter.

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  • Seeing as the airline adapter uses a standard MagSafe connector, I am 99% sure that it would work, although not having this adapter myself I cannot say for sure.

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  • its compatible

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  • By the way the user that stated they had problems plugging it into the car cigarette lighter didn't read the instructions. They state quite clearly that the Airline adapter only works...on airlines.

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