Apple 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter (for MacBook Pro with Retina display)

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    A bit late for this person, but for future reference: Always use the power supply WITHOUT a voltage converter. The Apple power supply reads the correct voltage and adapts to the country you are in. You just have to have the correct plug for the local elctric sockets.

    The power supply is universal but the plug on your cord matches the sockets in the country where you purchased the computer. So a U.S. computer has a different plug than those for England, Germany, or Italy, etc.

    Three solutions:

    1) The large, thick power cord for your computer is not permanently mounted in the power supply. Remove the cord by placing the power supply on a flat surface and pushing the cord firmly, sideways out of the body of the power supply. Do this squarely, noting how it attaches (genius really). In addition to the power cord, your computer came with a small white plug from the country where you bought the computer. It slides directly into the power supply in place of the power cord. This allows you to plug the power supply directly into your home country's electric socket without the long, thick cord.

    This white plug can be replaced with different proprietary Apple plugs for different countries. If you plan on traveling to a lot of different places, buy the World travel Pack that contains multiple plugs.

    Or, when you get to the country you are visiting, go to the Apple store there and buy either the correct plug for that country or a new power cord with the correct plug (or both). Install one in your power supply.

    2) Buy a the correct plug adapter for your new country. Plug your home country's power cord or small white plug directly into this adapter. The local adapter plugs directly into the electric socket.

    3) You can buy a new power supply in the country you are visiting. It will have the correct cord and plugs for that country. If your power supply goes bad abroad and you buy a new one, save your home country's cord and plug to use when you get home.

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  • The unit is labelled with an input from 100-240v, so it would seem you could just use a new plug, or adaptor.

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