Does it do fast charging when i use it with a 12W USB Power Adapter?

So when i use it with a micro-usb cable and the 12W USB Power Adapter (for iPad) to charge my iPhone 5, does it charge as fast as the original lightning cable?

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    As far as we publicly know, the iPhone 5 will use a maximum of 5W (5V x 1.0A) to charge. The maximum power for for micro USB by specification is 9W (5V x 1.8A). Even if using the 12W charger (or a 1000W charger), the iPhone will only draw 5W. If you were to use another device that wanted more power (iPad 4th gen - wants up to 12W), you might be limited by the physical USB connector cable as 9W might be the maximum physically possible. If more power was delivered through the micro USB cable, it may heat up, cause a fire, or short circuit unless the cable and pins were intentionally designed to surpass specification.

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  • The difference between the 5w and 12w is simply this. The ipad requires a 10/12w charger to charge, the 5w will allow it to power on but not charge.. The iphone can charge with all 3 watts the difference in charging speed is little to nothing however you may notice that the phone will die faster if it is charged by the 12w vs a 5w basically the 5w is like a trickle charge. This is how my senior tech explained it to me.

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  • You shouldn't be using a micro-USB cable with an iPhone 5. iPhone 5 uses regular USB to flash connector cables (they come with one). These cables will use 12W no problem if the device can handle 12W. iPads using flash connectors will also use as much power as the need. If the iPad needs 12W, and the adaptor provides 12W, it can use 12W with the standard USB to flash cable that comes with your iPhone 5 or recent iPad. Limitations of micro-USB to 9W do not apply here using Apple cables because they are not micro-USB standard. They are built to Apple's flash connector specs and do not have a micro-USB connector on them.

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