Can you connect an iPad 4 lightning connector to a USB midi keyboard? or do you need another adapter?

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

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    With my ipad4, Lightning to USB Camera adapter and M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 Ort Even Casio Privia PX-130 I can use GarageBand and Animoog.

    Have fun!

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  • Yes, yes you can. In fact, I've connected several devices to my iPad Mini with this handy little cable. Including my Zoom H2N field recorder and my Blue Yeti Pro. The trick is that some devices require external power

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  • I can use my Novation Xiosynth as a midi controller AND an audio interface. Works great! Nothing else required. However my Novation X-Station only works as an audio interface. I can not get the iPad to recognize any midi signal even through a powered USB hub. Go figure 8(

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  • Yes, it works depending on your keyboard. With the newer Casio keyboards, GarageBand and iPad 4 there are no problems.

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  • I've just used the lightning to USB connector to link my iPad Mini (using Garageband) to a midi keyboard controller, the Korg microkey 25. There seem to be some limitations, but it sounds the keyboards, guitar, bass, and sampler in the app. The strings only seem to sound as if it were one instrument, rather than a group, but you can play several keys to make a chord, making up for this to some extent. The drum seems limited to kick-drum and hi-hat only, but I've not experimented much with this.
    The connector also works for my USB microphone, a Samson Meteor. Hope this is helpful to anyone out there using iPad & Garageband.

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  • You can also connect your iPadAir with the lighting cable to your Macbook USB , connect your USB midi keyboard to the Mac ( using a port expander) and relay the iPadAir with the Mac with Midimux, it is a driver that sends/receives MIDI signals between Mac's and iPads/iPhones. I tried this with keyboards and wind controllers ( Akai EWI USB). This way you can also drive the iPad/iphone with any sequencer running in the Mac. It opens a wide range of possibilities , and if you add Audiomux you can also send/receive the audio signals via the cable.

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  • This does not work with all keyboards. The Yamaha Disklavier E3 will not connect to the ipad with this adapter

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  • Some USB MIDI controllers will give you a message that the device draws too much power, such as the M-Audio Keystation 49. This can be remedied with a USB y-adapter (a cable with two USB ends, one with power&data, and the other with just power, that ends with a single connection for your device or a female USB socket depending on the type of adapter). Connecting the data&power connecter to the USB camera connection dongle, and the power only connector to the iPad's USB power adapter, will power the MIDI controller connected directly to the iPad. Another alternative is to run the MIDI controller through a powered USB hub that's plugged into the USB camera connection dongle. Either solution will solve issues with MIDI controller and audio interface issues related to "this device draws too much power" messages. Happy jamming!

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