Can I use Airport Extreme as wifi for use with xFinity Xi5 wireless tv box?

Have weak signal from xFinity supplied gateway. I already have AE latest generation. Wondering if I deactivate xfinity wifi signal and use AE instead.

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  • Not at this time. The Xfinity Gateway has a specific Firmware on it that allows for the wireless boxes (Xi5) to work. The signal may be low because it runs on the 5GHz antenna which attenuates much faster than the 2.4GHz signal. The new XFi Gateway (XB6) has a much better 5GHz antenna than the older XB3 Gateway, but, in most areas, it's only available to those who have upgraded to the 1Gig Speeds. You might be able to go in to your nearest service center and ask, or call and schedule an appointment and see if they can upgrade your modem. Just be prepared because they're in limited supply.

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    I have an AirPort Extreme Time Capsule and a NETGEAR Gateway C7100V cable modem. My ISP is Comcast. I use the AirPort Extreme as my Wi-Fi hot spot and it covers my entire home. Obviously I connect the AirPort Extreme directly to the C7100V modem via a CAT V cable.

    When I run the Xfinity Speed test on my computer with a CAT V connection I get about 230 Mbs download. However, I get the same speed when I'm connected via Wi-Fi over my AirPort Extreme. When I connect using the Wi-Fi facility on the NETGEAR C7100V Gateway, I only get about 80 Mbs download.

    Bottom line: the AirPort Extreme gives me the same speed via Wi-Fi as if I were connected via cable to the modem. I highly recommend the AirPort Extreme.

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