If your battery charger is 5v 2.4amps will it damage a device when charging that's 5v .4 amps?

I have a charger that puts out 5vdc 2.4amps and want to charge a device that is 5vdc .5amps. Will the charger destroy the device with the big difference between the amps? In other words does the amps matter in this case? Also what if the amps were reversed, charger 5vdc .5amps and device 5vdc 2.4 amps. What would that do if anything? Thanks.

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    If the charger provides more amps than your product needs, your product will charge at full speed with no consequences to your product.
    If the charger provides less amps than your product needs, than your device will charge slowly.
    There are exceptions to this, but in general, more amps is better and will work with more devices.

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  • Not if it's an Apple device being charged with an Apple charger. Apple products are designed to draw only as much current as they need to charge, so an over-specified charger won't damage them. An under-specified charger is also ok, but it will charge much more slowly and may not charge at all if the device in in heavy use (but it will discharge more slowly than if not plugged in).

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