Can you daisy-chain the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter with the new Lightning Digital AV Adapter and power the iPad?

It's physically possible to daisy-chain the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter with the new Digital AV adapter and also feed power to the iPad Pro 12.9". But will they both be recognised and work correctly. I'd like to connect both adapters to my iPad Pro 12.9" and use a USB audio interface and also display the output of the iPad to a screen. Thanks in advance for your help.

Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

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    I have been able to test it myself. The power will reach the iPad Pro 12.9" (in my case) but unfortunately you won't get functionality from the adapters.

    I tested this for training purposes. I wanted to show the screen of the iPad Pro 12.9" on a beamer via the HDMI adapter and hook up an audio/midi device to the USB3 adapter by daisychaining the two adapters to the iPad Pro. The adapters work fine separately but unfortunately not when daisy chained. No matter what I connected to the USB3 adapter it wasn't recognized by the iPad Pro. Changing the order of the adapters also didn't make a difference.

    The iPad Pro was running iOS 9.3.1 at the time of testing. Tested on the HDMI adapter were both an HDMI beamer and flatscreen TV. On the USB3 adapter I tested a MIDI controller keyboard and a USB audio interface. None worked with the adapters daisy chained.

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  • I have both adapters, and while it is physically possible, it only passes power. The device will only allow you to use the adapter that is directly connected to it. The adapter that is plugged into the port on the adapter connected to your device will not function. It will, however, pass power to your device if you plug your charger into it.

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  • Yes you can daisy chain the two. Yes it charges the USB device, but I think the iDevice only gets whatever power remains after the USB has had its fill. Without a USB device plugged in, it _did_ charge the iPhone.

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  • I have not been able to either. As everyone else says, whichever one is connected directly to iPad Pro will work but any others beyond that give me error device is unsupported, but power does pass through.

    12.9" iPad Pro (2nd Gen)
    iOS 11 Beta

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