Does the silicone case cover the four speakers?

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    Mikael S's answer on April 25 is not correct, based on the case I purchased. The case he got must have a manufacturing defect; i.e., the punch out must not have been completed properly or something. The case has holes that line up perfectly with all 4 speakers. However, to be honest, even with that I can tell a slight difference in the sound - there is some diffifusion and muting. Any case is going to have that effecting unless they have a complete cut-out for the speakers.

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  • I just bought the Apple Silicone case for the iPad Pro 9.7. And i immediately noticed that while there are speaker holes at both top and bottom, the bottom holes are actually covered on the inside!! So I no longer have that amazing stereo sound! Why on earth would Apple make a case for the new iPad Pro 9.7, make holes for all the speakers, but then cover them up on the inside at the bottom speakers!??

    At first glance it looks correct, but I quickly noticed that the bottom holes are only on the silicone itself, but not on the inside material, effectively covering the speaker holes.... I've already ordered the keyboard, but I refuse to drop the amazing speaker quality, so I guess I have to look for some third party back case.. But seriously.. Why Apple??

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  • I believe someone else already answered this, but...
    It covers them, but has perfectly aligned holes (just like other Apple-branded covers).

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  • I started with a cheap case I bought off the internet. It was a nice, sturdy case, and great if you were not going to pair it with the Smart Keyboard. When used with the keyboard, the connection would fall apart when you set it up, as there was only a tiny opening for the pairing connection. I bought the Apple case today and it has the length of the side with the pairing connection open so it works perfectly.

    All speaker holes are open and I think the sound from all 4 speakers is fine. As much as I object to the price of the keyboard and case, you do get what you pay for. On reflection I figured paying the difference in price from what you can get on sites like eBay for the genuine Apple Product (about $15) is well worth paying considering the free workshops you get from the Apple Store and the Consumer Reports #1 customer service rating for Apple Support. Plus, you know exactly what you are getting when you buy directly from Apple.

    As an aside, I just finished attending 5 of the workshops over the past 4 days and they were phenomenal.

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  • Yes, but there are small speaker holes for all 4 speakers that align perfectly.

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