I recently bought the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, exactly a week ago, and Im getting the iPhone 7. Will my Smart Battery case still work?

The iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case seems identical to the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case. Will the 6s Smart Battery Case work on the iPhone 7? Or did I just wasted $100 down the drain?

iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case - White

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  • No, because the Iphone 7 needs a larger hole for pictures and also has two speakers and doesn't have earphone plug

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  • Take the 6s case back and buy the same case for the 7. The iPhone 7 has two speakers, no headphone jack and a larger camera lens. They should be the same price, or at least, in the same neighborhood. This case is charged through the lightning port and charges both the case and the iPhone. The case constantly ensures that the iPhone will have 100 % charge, as long as it can. You will be able to view how much of a charge either has because it shows a graph for both the case and the iPhone. If you wish to listen to non-bluetooth headphones, you can plug into the lightning port, but you cannot both charge the iPhone case/phone AND listen to headphones, unless they are bluetooth. Using the lightning port to charge the case/phone is MUCH better than all those battery cases with mini-USB, because the mini-USB plug can only go in one way and often the case wears out around the mini-USB port rendering the charging case useless. The lightning port can accept the lightning jack on either side and is much sturdier. If you own two lightning cords, you can choose to charge both the case and your iPhone 7 independently, which will take less time. Hope this helps.

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