4th Gen iPad & JAM - buy now with 30 pin adapter or wait for native lightning version of JAM?

I've just ordered a 4th gen iPad. From the other answers here I'm assuming this will work fine with JAM as long as I have the lightning to 30-pin adapter, but all the questions I can see here on that are for the iPhone 5 - I'd assume this would be the same for the iPad but would like to check. Alternatively, are Apogee planning to release a native Lightning version of the JAM? If thats coming I can hang on for that...

  • Asked by fn
Apogee JAM Guitar Input

Apogee JAM Guitar Input

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    Did you get the JAM to work with IPAD4? I have IPAD 4 and bought lightning to 30-pin adapter cable (non-Apple) - JAM doesn't register (no LEDS light). It is OK in ipod touch though.

    • Answered by Chris A
  • Chris A, sorry I ended up deciding to wait for apogee to release a JAM with a native lightning adapter - which they haven't done yet, but apparently they are going to...

    • Answered by Duncan E