Backup and Restore or Airport Time Capsule

I'm conscious of only having one backup of my valuable files. I am thinking to use the Airport Time Capsule as my primary network storage location as well as a backup location for my Macs, but don't want to lose everything if it's HDD fails.

Can you backup the Airport Time Capsule (ATC) to an external USB HDD/SSD and can this be scheduled? How?

Can you recover the ATC from the external USB HDD/SSD if the internal ATC drive fails? How?

  • Asked by fn from Mudgeeraba
  • Asked about:  AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

1 Answer from the Community

  • I travel, have Time Machine running backups to; 2 ATC's in different locations, 1 USB HDD in third location, 1 USB HDD travels with me. Easily sets up in Time Machine. Yes I have lost all data while traveling.

    • Answered by Edward B from Saint Augustine