can i access external hard drive connected to airport extreme on my android phone using es file explorer

  • Asked by fn from Dubai
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    I'm not sure for Airport Extreme, but I did that for my Airport TimeCapsule, it can maybe work for you :
    1 : Open the Airport Utility on your Mac
    2 : Select your You airport Extreme (A window should appear)
    3 : Open ES file explorer on your android device
    4 : Go to the fast access (swipe from de left side to the right) => select network => Lan
    5 : Click "+" (new) at the bottom left
    6 : Entre for
    - "domain" : Nothing or the name of the network (At the top into the window of airport utility)
    - "server" : the IP address
    - "Username & password" : the user name and password you use to connect to your hard drive on your Mac
    - "Display As" : The name you want it have on your smartphone
    7 : Click OK and wait.
    8 : Click on your Hard drive
    And it's done, please tell me if it has worked.
    (I don't know what anonymous does but I didn't click on it, I don't recommend you to do it)

    • Answered by Maxime A from Wandre