Can I create a guest network with the AirPort Extreme? And does this wireless router reaches into a 4 floors building?

  • Asked by fn from Falls Church
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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  • This is on the Apple website in 'product details':
    "With the guest networking feature, you can set up a separate Wi-Fi network just for guests. Use a different password or no password at all. A guest network allows access only to the Internet, so your primary network — including any external hard drive, printer or other LAN-attached device — remains secure".

    Re 4 story house:
    I have a 4 story house and an older Airport Extreme that won't reach the top from the basement (where my printers are plugged in) without an express on the 2nd floor to extend the signal, however, Im planning to use the new Airport Extreme -on the ground floor, with my old extreme in the basement extending the system with my 3 printers plugged into it, and Im pretty sure the new one will reach the top floor-2 floors up, and the basement-1 floor down. Hope that helps.

    • Answered by John V