Can I print wirelessly using an HP printer/scanner combo connected to the Airport Express USB port?

  • Asked by fn from Folsom
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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  • I don't think you can use the scanner function. Printing is not usually a problem.

    I use mine to successfully print on my HP1020 laserjet printer. It even seems to handle the requirement to load firmware to the printer on power up. Scanning requires sending info to the network. While I do not know whether this is the actual limitation I have read that scanners won't work on this port.

    • Answered by Paul K from Washington
  • Yes. The USB port on airport express and air port extreme will serve either a network printer and/or a network drive. I use mine for a shared drive across the network. It is compatible with all three windows machines and 2 macs. Before I bought a wireless printer I used the USB on my airport extreme to serve the printer I had at the time.

    Just make sure the drivers for your printer/scanner are installed on all of the machines on your network.

    Once you enter setup information on the express, create or join existing network, you have to identify whatever is plugged into the USB port. Just name it whatever you want. Then you can password protect it if you want. Mine is just open. But then search for the device on each machine and install it as the default printer. Then everyone on your network is sharing the same device.

    The directions that come with the airport express give examples of most every possible configuration you may encounter. Very user friendly.

    Highly recommended. Best routers on the market for PnP.

    Good Luck!

    • Answered by Bill B from Red Oak