Can I use the Airport Express without the cable cord?

For example can I use it in a place that doesn't offer wifi and get wifi on my phone or computer?

  • Asked by fn from Ankeny
  • Asked about:  AirPort Express

1 Answer from the Community

  • Airport Express needs to be plugged into an Ethernet port in order to produce a WiFi signal. Based on your question, I'm going to say no, you can not just plug in the Airport Express into an outlet and get internet, it needs to be plugged into a working Ethernet cable as well. Theoretically however, if this place has an Ethernet cable but no wifi, yes you could plug it into both the power and the Ethernet cable and get WiFi

    TLDR = Airport Express is not a mobile hotspot, and needs a cable to make WiFi

    • Answered by Steve H from Cary