Can I use two Airport Time Capsules in the same house as access points for two different floors?

Trying to set up a wireless network in a very large house. The Verizon router is in the basement and I want to create a wireless AP on the First floor and another one on the Second Floor. I also want to be able to save stuff on the network

  • Asked by fn from Riverside
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    Yes, you can; however, you'd do best to create a single network served by both Time Capsules.

    1. Assuming that you have Ethernet wiring home-run from various points in the house to the basement, configure the wiring as follows:

    Cable modem --> WAN port of first Time Capsule
    LAN port of first Time Capsule --> all of the Ethernet runs (you may need an additional Ethernet switch to do this)

    If you do not have Ethernet running everywhere, then make sure that both Time Capsules are in range of your computer before continuing (and ignore the Ethernet instructions below).

    2. Configure the first Time Capsule as though it was a stand-alone wireless network.

    3. Once this is done, hold the reset button on the back of the second Time Capsule until the light blinks quickly, which will clear the current wireless information in the second TC. Hook the WAN port of the second Time Capsule to the Ethernet cable.

    4. Now use Airport Utility (under "Other Wi-Fi devices") to configure the second Time Capsule to extend the network you originally set up above. If the second Time Capsule is being set up wirelessly, you can now place it where you intend it to be; make sure that it remains in wireless range of the first Time Capsule.

    You can repeat steps 3 and 4 with other Time Capsules, Airport Extremes and Airport Expresses to further extend your network. Wired and wireless network extensions can coexist in the same network.

    • Answered by Mark H from El Cajon