Can it(airport base station) convert a 3G USB modem to wifi?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    If the modem provides internet connection via a USB cable, this configuration will not unfortunately work. The Airport Express is only configured to receive connectivity to the internet via its ethernet WAN port.

  • I have the old AirPort Express, and I can (using personal hotspot) wirelessly tether my iPhone 4, and send the signal through my house. I have nothing plugged into the AirPort Express, and it works amazing. I think your question relates to using the USB port on the AirPort Express. My guess is "no".

    Now, for those of you wondering why I don't simply use my personal hotspot iPhone 4 as the router and disregard the AirPort Express? The reason is because the iPhone 4 drops any connected devices after a few minutes of inactivity. With the 'pulsing' ping of the Airport Express, it stays connected all of the time. For anyone who wishes to do the same, keep in mind that the AirPort Express counts as a device connection. When I turn-on my whole system, 3 devices appear as 3 connections on my "Personal Hotspot" banner. One is the Airport Express, another is my MacBook Pro, and the third is my wireless printer. There is a maximum of 3 devices that can be connected by wifi using the setup that I'm using. When I need to connect my Apple TV, I just turn-off the printer to free-up a device.