Can the Airport Extreme be used to extend my Wi-Fi signal, from my Netgear Extender?

I'm getting a new iMac to replace my old one. I've been using a Netgear Extender to strengthen my wi-fi connection, but the NBN modem is downstairs whereas my iMac / game consoles / etc are upstairs. The strength is terrible on most days, and cuts out often: I only use one device at a time, and I don't even dare to live-stream games or anything like that. The current wi-fi strength is that problematic.

With the Airport Extreme, can it extend or bridge the Netgear Extender: or can I replace the Netgear entirely with the Airport?

Assuming that I can do either, will the initial set-up need an ethernet cable: and once set-up is complete, can I then disconnect the ethernet and use Airport as a wireless router?

  • Asked by fn from Parap
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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