Can this drive be used by two computers at the same time

Instead of using the second port for daisy chaining im wondering if you could use it to connect to a second computer and use both computers with the one device. For instance, an iMac and Mac Pro.

  • Asked by fn from Bowling Green
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    Very unlikely. But if both computers have Mac OS X 10.9, you may want to connect the iMac to the Mac Pro using a Thunderbolt cable, and create a Thunderbolt network bridge. Then, you connect the drive to the Mac Pro and share the drive with this network.

    If you do not need the speed, you can buy a NAS instead.

    • Answered by Tommy R from Montreal
  • Totally it must be mounted to one. but you can easily connect to it via ethernet or wifi network. i have a mac mini in the bedroom with it attached, and use a macbook air to access the files all over the house. super easy for faster connection use ethernet tho

    • Answered by Tyler L from Langley
  • Unfortunately not, as I have just found out. I'll probably give the 2nd iMac access over network.

    • Answered by Elliott G
  • That would cause a conflict, Two computers couldn't write to the array at the same time like that. The best way would be to connect it to one Mac via Thunderbolt and share that drive over Ethernet.

    • Answered by Irene K from Toronto
  • This doesn't work. Seems to create a loop and at least one machine hangs up. Use sharing or a Belkin hub to connect and disconnect. It's probably the only use the Belkin Thunderbolt hub has.

    • Answered by David M from Kissimmee