Does an external hard drive plugged into the AirPort Time Capsule shut off when not being accessed?

I would like to plug a 2 drive RAID enclosure into the USB port on the back of the Airport Time Capsule. I use the Time Capsule hard drive for backup, but would like a 2 drive RAID enclosure so I can store files shared by the computers on my network. In the past I have had external drives plugged into my desktop macs, and when the computer turns of the hard drive also turns off. I am curious because the router is always on, if no computers on the network are actively asking the drive I wonder if it goes into a sleep mode. I would like to leave the drive on at all times which is why I am asking about this.

  • Asked by fn from New York
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    I have an older dual band wireless N airport extreme and it does spin down the single USB drive I have connected when it's not in use, so I would assume that the newer airports and time capsules would do the same.

    That being said, depending on the RAID controller in the enclosure this auto spin down maybe overwritten or ignored by the raid controller.

    Note: you will need it to be a hardware RAID, you cannot build a software raid on your computer and then reattach the drives to the airport/time capsule. It doesn't work, I tried.

    • Answered by Austin P from Medford
  • Using a RAID device in a USB2 slot in a Time Capsule defeats the purpose of a RAID set to RAID 0 for speed. If you are using RAID for mirroring and security, you will still be limited to 400Mbps by the USB port or by the LAN ethernet. Use USB3 or Thunderbolt for fast RAID arrays. Your hard drive sleep mode will be regulated by your System Preferences. When a devices accesses the Time Capsule, your hard drive should wake if it has slept.

    • Answered by John S from Columbus