Does slow sped from the modem mean slow output by the Time Capsule?

If my modem is only supposed to 'bring in' 18Mbps, does that mean that the Time Capsule can only send out 18Mbps?

  • Asked by fn from Saint John
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    A) 18mbps is not in anyway slow, I'm in a small town and my download speed never goes over 750 Kbps.
    B) If you mean streaming video from the capsule then you won't have any issues at all. I stream files on my terrible network with no buffing at all.
    If you mean file transfer from the capsule to the mac or visa-versa then you still shouldn't have any issue, it won't be instantaneous but it shouldn't take very long. I don't have a capsule, doing the research and not even sure that you can send to and from wirelessly, if you can't or you find it slow you can always connect it to your USB port and transfer that way

    • Answered by Dave L from Orleans
  • The 18 Mbps relates to your connection to the internet and therefore any surfing or streaminmg from the internet will be limited to that (its not slow though, 18Mbps is very fast) Internal traffic between your TC and PC's will be at whatever speeds can be acheived throughout your house over the wireless network.

    • Answered by Andrew M