Does the new Extreme support VPN/PPTP? Does it support DDNS?

  • Asked by fn from Baltimore
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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  • No and No. VPN support is built into all Macs and iOS devices, they will have to be configured individually. Regarding DDNS, here is official notice from the DynDNS website:

    "Note: as of version 6.1 of the Airport Utility and 7.6.1 router firmware, the Apple Airport Extreme and Time Capsule routers no longer offer the ability to configure wide-area bonjour. This has effectively caused these Apple routers to no longer support sending updates to Dyn Standard DNS. If you are attempting to set up earlier versions of the Airport Utility and firmware, you can use these instructions, but this is an experimental feature, we cannot provide technical support for this setup."

    • Answered by Nigel S from Taree