Does this store my photos with the titles I have given them or do I lose all the info changes I've made....I use iPhoto version 9.5.1...

I give Titles to my pictures, some have been scanned, so they are old pictures with the dates the picture was taken...that is a lot of work to lose if it only saves the core info...Will it save the photos with the Titles I have given?

  • Asked by fn from Levittown
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  • It depends on how you to this. If you use TimeCapsule (and you should), then your whole photo library will be saved automatically and all your work and titles and edits will go with it.

    If you use File -> Export then they probably do not carry the titles; that said, I am not sure what you mean by 'titles'. I suggest you do a File -> Export of one picture to your desktop first; and see what happens.

    I have set my G-drive up as my TimeCapsule backup. It backs up all my work on an hourly basis.


    • Answered by Wieland H