Does this work similar to a bluetooth device with regards to how it is handled?

I have a streaming application called REMOTR which streams games from my gaming PC to my IOS device (iphone 6s) it supports the use of bluetooth controllers etc which i assume would work as a bluetooth Xinput device of somekind

Has anyone tested this? It would be as simple as installing remotr on both your PC and your IOS device, launching a game such as GTA V or any game and testing it.

OR alternatively if anyone knows how this is handled, im quite sure if it is handled as Xinput it would work. I just don't want to spend that kind of money and it not work!

Gamevice Controller

Gamevice Controller

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3 Answers from the Community

  • It would work, but you'd need a 3rd party software solution on your PC to map the buttons on the controller...similar to how you'd map a DualShock 4 for PC gaming

  • REMOTR works great with the Gamevice. It is one of our favorite streaming services!

  • Hi James, the Gamevice controller is MFI standard and will work the same as other MFI controllers that are Bluetooth.