How are these for listening to music..?

  • Asked by Philip H

2 Answers from the Community

  • Much better than the BEATS brand. Cutting edge beautifully designed headphones. I wouldn't call them an "audiophile" type of headphone, but they are pretty close. Lightweight, strong and understated. The noise-cancelling is outstanding and the music and phone calls work flawlessly. Great job BOSE! Oh and yes you will enjoy your listening experience!

    • Answered by Timothy P from Sherman Oaks
  • Unbelievably good. You'll love it. I have Bose QC 35 ii for a year however I tried this one for a while. It's fantastic. I'm comfortable with my Bose however if you like to buy a headphone, you should definitively buy thus one.

    • Answered by Yusuf Ç