i was wondering is it just a pure black case because the other colours have a figure in the middle it that the case with this one.

when you look at the other colours for example the purple there is also a faded purple in the middle is it the same with the black or is it just a pure black

Tech21 Impact Snap Case for MacBook

Tech21 Impact Snap Case for MacBook

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    No it does not have the "Apple" symbol on the case.
    The others do not either (that are sold through Apple), it is just the
    LED Apple symbol showing through the transparent material.

    Mine is black, and the Apple symbol shines through the case no
    problem when the mac is on.

    I think black would be the way to go, as when it is off, cannot see
    the Apple logo.
    Which, if you were ever to accidentally leave your mac anywhere (off),
    it might not stand out as much....wouldn't catch the wrong persons eye.