does it work with amazon prime video? Streaming from Amazon prime video is key to me making this purchase

  • Asked by fn from Pueblo

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    no it does not work with amazon prime.. only netflix, hulu and youtube.. as well as iTunes store

    • Answered by Keith B from Eastlake
    • 27 Oct, 2012
  • What we did was install the Splashtop app on the iPad and the Splashtop Streamer app on the PCs and MacBook Pro in the house. We opened Amazon Prime Video on one of the computers and started the Splashtop Streamer. Then we opened the Splashtop app on the iPad and chose our computer to project the computer desktop onto the iPad. We then set up the iPad to project to the TV according to the directions included with the Apple TV device. Works very well.

    • Answered by Linda W from Monroe
    • 27 Dec, 2012
  • Actually, as long as you can watch it on your iphone or ipad, you can watch it through the Apple TV via AirPlay. I used Amazon instant video and played it through Apple TV as of today and it works just fine.

    • Answered by Stephen W from Minor Afb
    • 18 Oct, 2013
  • It's key for me to purchase it too but unfortunately it doesn't stream Amazon Instant Video which is a HUGE disappointment.

    • Answered by Edson R from New York
    • 3 Oct, 2013
  • NO! Apple TV does not support Amazon Instant Video, and not everyone has an Iphone or Ipad that have Apple TV. I have an Iphones, Ipads and Apple TV, but will be replacing the Apple TV with ROKU, which does support Amazon Instant Video.

    • Answered by Steve F from Corpus Christi
    • 17 Dec, 2013
  • Just airplay the prime movies from your device.

    • Answered by Lisa L from Independence
    • 26 Dec, 2013
  • If you have a recent iPhone or iPad running iOS7, you can mirror AP video from your iDevice to the ATV so it plays on your connected TV. If you want to play AP videos directly from the streaming box, Roku works well.

    • Answered by John M from Chicago
    • 14 Feb, 2014