hdmi ports on my TV do not work but the rca inputs do. Can I connect my apple TV to my television with a HDMI to RCA (3 prongs)?

  • Asked by fn from Valrico

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    If your HDMI port don't "work" on your TV, make sure you check your TV's SETUP or VIDEO configuration menu. TV's with more than 1 kind of inout/output port often have to be set to route the incoming or out going video signal to a particular port. For example, if your TV has the ability to connect to 3 separate inputs or sources for video signals, your model TV may feature different port options to connect those 3 devices.

    Some typical setup options are as follows:
    INPUT 1: Antenna or Cable TV box - (Coaxial cable port)
    INPUT 2: DVD, VCR, or X-Box player (RCA composite, S-VHS connector, component video, or HDMI ports)
    INPUT 3: Apple TV/ROKU streaming box or stick - (RCA composite, S-VHS connector, component video, or HDMI ports)

    Let's say you wanted to connect your Apple TV to INPUT #3 on your TV. You might have to use the SETUP menu on your TV to "tell" the TV to get the incoming video signal from the Apple TV device through INPUT 3's HDMI port. Some TV's will search each INPUT's various connector ports for the incoming signal. Others TV's need to be directed to the port you want the signal to "flow" through. In that case, the different types of port connectors are NOT all open at the same time, so you have to set the TV to route the signal through your preferred port on that particular INPUT. IN other words, set INPUT #3 to receive its video signal throughout the HDMI cable connected to your APPLE TV device. This is how my TV works.

    • Answered by Tom S from San Diego
    • 16 Nov, 2017
  • Yes, but the box would have to have the resolution at 480i in order for the rca cable carry the signal

    • Answered by Liam M from Brandon
    • 18 Sep, 2017