I am on a second iPad Air that I have to clear and type in my password, with Century Link, everyday when I bring it home from work.

We have Century Link as our wifi provider. We also have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, a work MacBook Pro, and a Lenovo laptop that connects with wifi just fine and wil work without clearing and typing in the password.

I have a work iPad Air that suddenly required clearing and typing in my Password every time I brought it home from work.

We reboot our modem every three weeks per a Century Link suggestion.

My work issued another iPad to me to see if it was the specific iPad. I brought it home and it didn't do that. So my work went ahead to and set up the new iPad for me. Two days ago when I brought it home it was acting like the other iPad.

I contacted Century Link and their response was that my work must have put some kind of security settings on i

My work said they would issue me a different iPad or I could wait for this new update.

I chose to get a different iPad, when the old iPad would unconnect when I moved it from one part of the room to another or I turned it off and on.

Has anyone else had this experience with iPads and wifi?

  • Asked by fn from Saint Paul

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