should i get ipad mini 32 gb 3G or ipad 2 16 gb 3G?

The price is quite similar, but which one should i get?

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    If the iPad will be you only computer, and you need to store lots of music on it, go for the 32 gb model of either iPad 2 or iPad mini. If you have a laptop or desktop computer on which to store music, the 16gb iPads are sufficient. If you absolutely must take all you tunes with you, use the iCloud or buy a wireless external hard drive for extra storage space. My iPad 2 WiFi 16gb serves me very well. Additional storage options abound.

    • Answered by James N from Medina
    • 3 Jan, 2013
  • on my opinion you should most likely get the IPad mini 32 GB +3G because it would be easier to carry around. But there really isn't a huge price difference between the two.

    • Answered by Elizabeth P from Morgan Hill
    • 29 Dec, 2012
  • You should go for 32 GB as price difference is not much.

    • Answered by Rajneesh D from New Delhi
    • 17 Dec, 2012