Will cases for the 1st generation iPad Pro 12.9" fit the new (2017) iPad Pro 12.9"?

  • Asked by fn from West Vancouver

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    Yes and no.

    Both iPads are the same size but Apple has moved a few things just enough that it will drive perfectionist like me crazy.

    For example, the speakers and microphone are NOT in the exact same position between the two versions. Another issue is the camera. Apple has added a flash which is positioned just below the lens. This gets covered up by my 3rd party gen 1 case. Argh!

    It also looks like Apple has killed their silicon case and has moved to selling sleeves. I am guessing this is because of the aforementioned changes to speaker positions and camera.

    • Answered by The Lock B from Minneapolis
    • 15 Jun, 2017
  • Apparently the 2nd gen model of the 12.9 ipad pro has slight physical differences: the flash and microphone positions have been changed. So i think it all depends on the style of 1st gen case you are trying. If the case doesnt have specific cutouts for the mic and flash it might fit... But overall i think its best to wait for manufacturers to release new models.

    • Answered by Max L from Victoria
    • 14 Jun, 2017
  • I have now answered my own question, after having my new (2017) iPad Pro 12.9" for about 5 weeks and having bought both a case and a sleeve for it.

    Firstly, although the new 12.9" iPad Pro has exactly the same dimensions (HWD) as the 1st generation12.9" iPad Pro, the new one has two significant changes -- a flash below the camera lens, which the 1st gen. one didn't have, and a microphone in the middle at the top of the back casing. So almost all cases for the 1st generation 12.9" iPad Pro will NOT work with the new (2017) iPad Pro 12.9".

    The new case that I bought was an ESR Slim Lightweight Smart Case Trifold Stand on Amazon for CDN$16.99. This case is exactly what I wanted for about 25% of the price I was expecting to pay. In particular, it has the larger cutout for the camera + flash and cutouts for the new microphone locations.

    On the other hand, the sleeve that I bought, a Maroo Executive Leather Sleeve, was made for the 1st generation 12.9" iPad Pro. It works perfectly, as the changes in the new iPad Pro are not relevant for a sleeve. I am delighted with this purchase also.

    Hope this is of help to others.

    • Answered by Donald S from West Vancouver
    • 14 Jul, 2017
  • I have iPad Pro 12.9 2017 and Apple silicone case MK0D2ZM/A. It fits great! Really! If we are first of all talking about protection and appearance - just amazing! 100%! About functionality. Two cons: silicone case covers flash and microphones, yes they are covered too. Both! You can make facetime audio calls and of course video calls, your contact hears you, Siri recognizes Hey Siri, you don't need to speak louder, everything good. As the result one small disadvantage- flash. Is the price too high for well protected and stylish device? My choice is a combination of silicone case and smart keyboard. Looks great and functional!

    • Answered by Dmitry R from Saratov
    • 6 Aug, 2017
  • The current Logitech Create keyboard/case does fit the 2017 iPad Pro 12.9, however, it covers the flash and the mic. The Logitech SlimCombo doesn’t cover the flash and mic, however, it’s a 2-piece unit that doesn’t protect the iPad as much as the more robust Create does. The 2-piece SlimCombo fell apart when I gave it a test drive in the Apple store.

    • Answered by Charles E from San Rafael
    • 5 Oct, 2017
  • From my understanding yes that it will fit because it is the same size but I can't be sure because I don't know the width of the IPad Pro 12.9 inch.

    • Answered by Landon D from Graham
    • 13 Jul, 2017