Will the new iPad 9.7" (2017 ver.) fit properly in any other iPad cases without causing and problems?

So I just ordered one of the new (horrifically ill-named) 9.7" iPads, and am now kind of regretting it because it seems like it'll be kind of difficult to find a decent case. I am aware of Apple's "cover," but it is exactly the kind of case I do not want--thin, flimsy, with no rigid frame.

So there are a few third party cases on Amazon and elsewhere for the new 9.7" I could fall back on, but some of the more appealing cases are for other models. For example, would the regular 9.7" iPad fit inside a case for the 9.7" iPad Pro--without the plastic frame covering up any important ports or speakers, while still being able to use the magnetic thingamajig to wake/sleep the tablet?

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    I had the iPad Air and the smart cover, I Just traded my Air for the new 2017 iPad. To my surprise, the old Air smart cover fits/works perfectly for the new iPad.

    So don't worry if you had the 1st Gen iPad Air smart cover it will fit with this new 2017 iPad

    • Answered by Chikin S from Taunton
    • 3 Apr, 2017
  • I just received one today that I ordered online. It is by Fintie. It comes in a multitude of colors and designs, fits perfectly and has the sleep/wake feature. I love it. It said it was for new iPad 2017. Inexpensive too.

    • Answered by Patti B from Coto De Caza
    • 14 Apr, 2017
  • I just purchased my iPad 9.7 (2017) and have already been through chase of buying cases and retuning them.
    Life proof case: does not fit, too thick and camera does not line up in the back.
    Pelican: does fit, although not such a great case, exposed face even with protected glass shield purchased separately and horrible stand.
    Targus: good case, solid outer frame with fold over cover, has grip for your choice of angle, good access for camera and ports.
    This is the case in currently using, still waiting for life proof to come out with proper case to fit iPad 9.7

    • Answered by Katia H from Bellaire
    • 12 Aug, 2017
  • No the new iPad 2017 version is a new size it is thicker than the air 2. it is closer to the original iPad air, but you will need a new case

    • Answered by Patrick D from Radnor
    • 29 Mar, 2017
  • Hi,
    I had the same issue as well!
    'Had to return two cover/keyboards that I purchased back.
    Unfortunately no any other cover will fit the Ipad 9.7 - make sure you will not buy the Pro or the Air covers, since the width and the depth is different.

    • Answered by Roza M from London
    • 17 Jun, 2017
  • I just bought the targus versa type 4 in 1 keyboard case and my 2017 iPad fit. I tried it in the store before I purchased. Just thought I'd add to the conversation bc I looked at this thread while in the store (Office Depot) trying to see if items listed for the iPad Pro 9.7 would work (which particular case was labeled for).

    • Answered by Keiva L B from Southfield
    • 17 Sep, 2017
  • Hello Roy,
    iPad (5th generation) has a thickness of 7.5 mm, while iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7” are 6.1 mm thick: so, they’re not compatible.
    iPad (5th generation) covers are not compatible with iPad Air (the only dimension-compatible iPad) because volume buttons are slightly shifed, as well as the camera.
    In conclusion, the only compatible cover for the 5th generation iPad is the cover specifically designed for it.

    • Answered by Emanuele L from London
    • 11 Jan, 2018
  • The iPad 2017 / 5th gen is slightly thicker than the iPad Air 1/2. It may fit some cases, but generally the extra mm or so of thickness means the case won't quite fit right. Plus the camera position is different so won't line up quite right in an iPad Air case.

    So if you want to be sure it'll fit, but an iPad 5th Gen case

    • Answered by Scott H from Canberra
    • 8 Dec, 2017
  • i bought the new ipad not long after it came out, i found most cases wouldn't fit but then found the Acme Made Ergo Book (ipad air) not only fits perfectly but is a crackingly good case. Best plan, take your ipad shopping and try them out.

    • Answered by Scott R
    • 24 Jan, 2018
  • I have a iPad 2017 5th gen and no, it does not fit. 1) The volume buttons don’t work through the case. 2) Because I was told it would fit, I got a case that was made for the 2,3,4 generation iPads and I doesn’t work. 3) Because the 2,3,4 gen have round sides and edges that is why it doesn’t fit. The 5th gen 2017 has almost flat sides and edges. Hope this helped.��

    • Answered by Lachlan 🤪🤪🤪 L from Normanhurst
    • 29 May, 2018
  • Roy- I would have a look at the MacCase Premium Leather iPad 9.7 Folio.

    It's a beautifully made alternative to the cheap, poorly made, disposable cases you'll find on amazon and will fit your 9.7 without the concerns you listed. It has an alloy steel frame to hold the 9.7 securely and uses the best leathers sewn with great care.

    Worth a look.

    • Answered by Michael S from Carlsbad
    • 26 Aug, 2018
  • no since there are different sizing of ipads they all have different sizing in cases for instence a ipad mini does not fit in a ipad pro case but if it is the same ipad it will fit in a case that is there size.you good get a screen protector case like i have of ebay please do they are really good wont break abd are quite big

    • Answered by Isabella C from Geelong
    • 6 May, 2018