Can I use the same charger for the ipad mini and iphone 5?

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    Yes you can, both iPad Mini an the iPhone 5 have the lightning connector.

    • Answered by Kyle K from Greeley
    • 6 Jun, 2013
  • Yes, you can

    • Answered by Catriel K from Dongguan
    • 26 Jun, 2013
  • Yes,'s specific to what version of the phone and what version of the iPAd. The easiest way to tell is to go to the Apple Store, select Accessories, then select chargers. Pull up the 5W charger (or any item), and will will list all the devices with which it can be used. The 5W charger can be used with the iPad mini, but not the iPad mini with Retinal display (which requires higher watts). If you click on FILTER, you can pull up the correct charger for your specific device.

    • Answered by Judy A from Fairfax
    • 7 Aug, 2014
  • Yes, you can. In 2012, Apple started to make smaller chargers than the old ones. The newer chargers are easier to travel with, but there is not much of a difference. If have an iPad mini and getting an iPhone 5, or an iPhone 5 and getting an iPad mini, you can use the same charger. The iPhone 5, or later, iPad 4 or later, and iPod touch 5 or later, will have that newer charger.

    • Answered by Nancy H from Nantucket
    • 28 Mar, 2014
  • yes!

    • Answered by Leah A from Miami
    • 13 Jun, 2013
  • I'm not sure because I was in the Apple store today and overheard the guy at the genius bar saying that it can make the battery life on your device much worse

    • Answered by Janie M from Chevy Chase
    • 24 Jun, 2014
  • Yes

    • Answered by Thomas T from Bellport
    • 19 Apr, 2014
  • The iPad Mini and iPhone 5 both use the same 'lightning cable' so it is certain the charger will work for it.

    • Answered by Asad A from Toronto
    • 27 Mar, 2014
  • very conveniently, yes you can

    • Answered by Evie N
    • 4 Nov, 2014