how to master typing in landscape mode in iPhone?

I have difficulty in typing in landscape mode which is in iPhone keyboard... so can someone know how to master typing in landscape mode?

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    Just as mastering any other tool it requires practice. I recommend downloading an app if you haven't already called TapTyping (there's a free version you can try out first). It's a high quality typing tutor that will help you to see real gains in speed and accuracy. 

    Personally, I used that along with discounting one piece of advice they give, which is to strictly watch the screen (ignoring the keyboard) while you're typing. I don't. I simultaneously watch the screen and the keys which I'm pressing which helps me to keep my thumbs in the right position while checking my spelling. Also you'll notice that when you type and hold a key for a split-second longer the letter is expanded which allows you to see exactly what key you're pressing. This method of checking the key is time consuming at first, but is superbly accurate, and sets the foundation for gains in speed later on by using apps such as the one I mentioned earlier. I'm a landscape fanatic who if given the option would avoid typing in portrait like the plague but for short sentences portrait suffices. For anything more than a couple of sentences though, and the amount of space that landscape allows me to type with both thumbs, the art of typing on an onscreen keyboard becomes virtually effortless!

    • Answered by Reagan O from Shinagawa
    • 18 Apr, 2012