Is there an adaptor to connect my iPhone 5s to my Bose speaker with the original connection dock?

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    yes there is they are called lighting pin to 30 pin connector

    • Answered by Keenan P from Perth
    • 31 Mar, 2014
  • Lightning to 30 pin will work if you do not have case on device. But will not fit with cases

    • Answered by Jennifer V from Crescent
    • 2 May, 2014
  • Unless you need the charging function specifically and not just audio, there is a simple and cheap solution. There are many available 30 pin bluetooth receivers to attach to your Bose sound dock 30 pin connector. You can then connect to your sound dock via bluetooth from ANY bluetooth enabled audio source.

    I have 2 Sound docks and used this solution on both. Range is excellent on mine so I can have my devices anywhere in a room and charging if needed.

    • Answered by Ross K from Saint Petersburg
    • 28 Feb, 2015
  • I have a Bose Docking Station.?

    • Answered by Lila K from San Diego
    • 29 Dec, 2014