mic-less bluetooth headphones

I have an unusual requirement. I need bluetooth headphones or buds that either do not have a mic or the mic can be turned off, not muted. The Mic in the iphone would still be used. The reason is I need to use a hearing aid app on the phone but the mic on the various headsets I have tested are not usable as they filter out background noise. The hearing aids apps already do that.

Standard ipod ear buds work fine but I don't want to deal with cables. All the bluetooth earbuds and phones I have found all have a mic. Does anyone know of a mic-less bluetooth headphone?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hopefully this reply is not too late.
    Finding bluetooth headphones without a microphone is going to be very difficult. It might be possible to find a used pair for sale on eBay, Gumtree or the like but this would be a rare event (as you have probably already found).
    There are however two other possibilities available to you: First, does the iPhone allow the use of a bluetooth headset while at the same time permitting the user to set which microphone to use? Mac OS X desktop certainly does, and if so, then this is probably the ideal answer for you.
    Secondly, if that fails, then have a trawl of eBay etc. for an A2DP Bluetooth audio receiver (US item No: 310684778267; UK item No: 221222620282). These are light enough to be fixed to a regular pair of headphones; albeit somewhat improvised.
    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Xanda E from Basingstoke
    • 15 Feb, 2014