Why does my phone keep pressing buttons on its own

My phone keeps pressing buttons on its own

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  • I have this problem. It could be a hardware problem (a part located at the top of the phone, and I never did hear the correct name for it, but it's function is to pick up the numbers being pressed but NOT while one is speaking on the phone. The phone should go dark as you talk; a big clue that this is your problem is when something lights up the screen as you're taking a call. These two things indicate your cheek is making contact with that "part" and of course it shouldn't. So first you should find out if it's a software problem, and NOT the part malfunctioning. My answer/help here is directed only at correcting a software problem and if what I tell you to do doesn't fix it, according to the T-Mobile rep who helped me, it is very probably time to replace the phone. My own problem with self-dialing numbers began only after a third-party repair outfit, recommended by T-Mobile, changed out the glass from my husband's pristine 5C (he passed away last year) for the shattered glass on my own twin 5C (I dropped it, a direct hit on the kitchen tile floor).

    Here's what you do: HOLD DOWN the POWER button (TOP RIGHT SIDE) and the "home" button. I think it's the home button but whatever it's the round button you use to do just about everything (if held down long enough Siri comes to your aid). It's found at the bottom center of your iPhone. So you hold these two buttons down simultaneously for about 8-10 seconds, as your phone goes off and then comes back on and you will see the familiar apple on the screen. This should solve the problem if in fact it is a software problem. I think the rep referred to this as a "soft reset." If you're adventurous you can follow this with a hard reset after backing up everything you want to save of course. Between those two methods you should either 1) fix the problem or unfortunately like me, 2) NOT fix it because you have a major $$$ problem, i.e., you need a new phone. GOOD LUCK!

    • Answered by Madeline S from Ponte Vedra Beach
    • 19 Sep, 2017
  • IF this keeps happening just power it off and on over and over again then the problem should be resolved if it still does this contacts apple or go to an apple store

    • Answered by Leslie L
    • 16 May, 2017