can music be downloaded from CD's onto an IPod?

I'm going to be picking up an IPod shortly and wonder if I can download music from my CD's (using my computer) onto an IPod?

I've never owned an IPod.

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    Yes, but you would have to use iTunes. In iTunes (for Mac/PC), you can rip CD's onto you Computer iTunes Library. Then, you can select the music you want to place on your iPod directly in iTunes (by artists, composers, genres, albums, or playlists). There are some great tutorials online (I would stick with Apple's) that you can find that will explain this to you in better wording.

    I hope this helps!

    • Answered by Ronald B from Brantford
    • 12 Sep, 2012
  • Yes. I tunes will copy the CD in to itunes. You can then copy it to the IPOD.

    • Answered by Suresh N from Cupertino
    • 15 Sep, 2012
  • Yes... I think. If you have your songs on iTunes, you can sync it to your iPod.

    • Answered by A D from Gilbert
    • 17 Sep, 2012