Does apple sell Refurbished iPod classics

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    my guess is yes ...think of all the returns on perfectly good ipods

    • Answered by Mystery L from Edmonton
    • 6 Sep, 2012
  • They do, but as of September 7, 2012, 5:20 PM Central Daylight Time, they are out of stock. If you live in a different time zone here are the times: 3:20 PDT, 4:20 MDT, 6:20 EDT. And just so you know, all Apple products (manufactured under the Apple brand) are awesome. Don't listen to Apple haters.

    • Answered by Trevor Awesome B from Prairie View
    • 8 Sep, 2012
  • rarely..i been looking for a while an if they do its probally 200$ still an u can buy a new one at walmart for 229$ + tax

    • Answered by Chalon S from Evansvile
    • 24 Sep, 2012