13 inch vs 15 inch

I'm in high scool and I need an new laptop, I don't know if I should get an 13 inch or 15 inch MBP, in school I use a lot of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, what is the best to get? I don't have 2000$ (yet) so no retina.

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    Get the 15" - Doing anything on the 15" (especially spreadsheets) will be easier, you will not have to constantly scroll like you will on the 13". Either way you are going to be carrying a computer that will need to be protected and not dropped, there is not that much difference in carrying either one, but the 15" is much better to use. If the 15" causes you trouble when carrying it you need to go to the gym.


    • Answered by Linda V from Sudbury
    • 29 Jan, 2013
  • It's better to buy the 13inch MacBook Pro (non retina) with high configurations it will cost u pretty much less than the retina and its portable it can easily fit in to a bag and is not much heavy.But one issue with the 13inch Mbp is that it gets heated up rapidly On long time use. You will need a 15 inch only if u use your Mbp for lots of workloads and its a way too large.

    Go for the 13inch confidently !! No problem for high school purpose !!

    • Answered by Krushna C
    • 14 Jan, 2013