macbook air or macbook pro


I'm a developer, right now I've a macbook pro 13" 2009 (C2C 2,53GHz 4Go of RAM). And I want to replace my computer. I really fall in love with the 13" macbook air.

The question is: should I buy a Macbook pro 13" or a Macbook air 13"?
Basically I just do a lot of terminal, xcode and eclipse. Also a bit of Photoshop..

I don't know if the macbook air could handle that.. ( even if my MBP 2009 do that).

And the next question is: Is there a difference between 4Go of Ram and 8Go?


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    Hi there,

    If you're worried about portability and a lightweight Apple laptop, definitely go for the MacBook Air, it is still a very powerful computer. I'm pretty sure the Air is more than capable of running Terminal and Xcode, and if you're only running Photoshop sometimes, the Air will be fine for you. But if you're heavily using Photoshop, I think the Pro might be better, it gives me the impression it is a little bit more robust machine than the Air. My recommendation is to go to an Apple Store or a reseller's store and try out the two computers.

    For the RAM, I don't think 4GB of extra memory will make much of a difference. I'm pretty sure the 4GB should be okay for you.

    I hope this helps!

    • Answered by Walter K from Ottawa
    • 15 Sep, 2012
  • I would go to the store or call and ask. The first poster had a good response.

    • Answered by Lisa Richards H from Arlington
    • 19 Jan, 2013