Macbook Pro or the new Macbook Air?

My Macbook from '09 is on its last legs and I have been researching different replacements. I am a college student who needs something that will be able to handle my coursework requirements (e-mail, web surfing, essay writing, etc.), video streaming from Netflix and Youtube, and hopefully be able to play The Sims 3 without much difficulty. I'm having trouble deciding between a Macbook Pro 13in and a Macbook Air 13in and since I'm not very savvy with computer specs it's been really difficult for me to decide if it's better to have the higher GHz of the Pro, even though the 2013 airs have the newest intel core processors and smaller hard drives.

Any help or direction to a site where I could learn more would be greatly appreciated since this is a lot of money for me to make an impulsive decision with.

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    If you're going to be playing Sims a lot go with the Pro because it has the CD/DVD drive.

    Basically the main differences are storage. If you want light and thin with less storage go with the Air. If you want heavier with more storage go with the Pro. For what you're doing the i5 processor will handle anything you throw at it.

    I'd recommend the 13 Pro since it comes with the i5 and a 500GB hard drive.

    • Answered by Justin S from Chino Hills
    • 12 Jul, 2013