MBP retina 128GB flash storage or MBP 500GB hard drive

I am a basic college student, meaning I only use my computer to write papers and do online homework (mastering chemistry). I am really interested in the MacBook pro Retina, but I am scared that it will not have enough memory for me. Therefore, I am considering the MBP 13 inch 500GB hard drive (w/o retina). Just a little bit of extra information, I also have about 860 songs on my computer and I am not a gamer. Will the MBP Retina 128 flash storage be enough storage for me to not worry about ever running out of space on my computer?

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    If you're just using it for the basic college papers, etc, there's no need to go with the retina display or an SSD. If you were doing CPU-intensive tasks like gaming or running video editing/graphics software, the extra memory and the SSD would be appropriate. But not for what you're doing.

    • Answered by Sean A from Aiken
    • 24 Aug, 2013
  • I was asking myself the same question two weeks ago, but I went for the MBP 13 inch retina display with the 256gb SSD, its a little bit more expensive but it is a better machine, latest i5 processor that save battery time, much faster storage compare to the 500Gb and a much better display. At home I use a 14 inch 1080P screen with a 2Tb Desktop HD for Backup and extra storage but on the road I always cary my external 1Tb hd.

    I you want the latest Mac, go the 128SSD if you need more space for music, movies etc..., you can buy a 1Tb external drive for the extra storage, but believe me, I had the other model when it came out and its much slower than the new MacBook Pro. Don't forget, its an investment for a couple of years.

    Still not decided? Hop on the bus and get to an Apple store and compare the speed of two machine for yourself!


    • Answered by Bruno B
    • 1 Feb, 2014
  • I totally agree but theres a difference the 128gb is way better because its faster. But if you really don't care and want really big storage I would stick with the laptop. From AppleFan#

    • Answered by Mokhles T from Ramsey
    • 10 Dec, 2014
  • it is actually better 120 flash, and uses a USB3 external disk, the only problem is how many programs you require installed simultaneously,but if what you require is only working with large files you would appreciate ocacionalemente RAM above the hdd, the main reason is the speed.
    can not imagine how fast this thing is.

    • Answered by Javier A from México
    • 25 Jul, 2014